Working with Teams to Develop New Products

Working with Teams to Develop New Products Getting a team to develop new products can be tough. Team members can be diverse in terms of their roles, skills, social background or deeply-entrenched cultural or organizational issues. However, collaboration between team members can highly affect the outcome or results of a project. Obstacles aside, once a

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AWS Services offered by Vimware

AWS Services Offered By Vimware Vimware is now officially an AWS Amazon Select Partner . To date our team has significant experience with 23 out of over 190 services offered by AWS, which we deploy, manage, and optimize for our clients.  We are actively looking to add more expertise in 2019 to further service our

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AMP Pages

AMP Pages Since the beginning of 2018, phones and other mobile devices have not only become a lot cheaper, but have also become a lot more powerful. With devices like the iPad Pro that is capable of handling desktop applications, and the Galaxy Note 9 that is an absolute powerhouse of a phone, phones are

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The Product Requirements

The Product Requirements Got a fascinating product idea for your business? Well, having an idea is easy, but actually deploying products in a successful manner is what matters the most. Many of us can come up with an idea for a great startup or venture, but do we all think of the requirements to deploy

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ADA – American with Disabilities Act and Websites

ADA – American with Disabilities Act and Websites With a significant rise in website accessibility lawsuits, a number of organizations are trying to endeavor their best to bring websites into compliance with WCAG (Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). This preventative measure helps them meet the criteria of web accessibility regulations, which intensified in recent

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Kentico Gold Partner

Vimware is a Kentico Gold Partner after deploying multiple e-commerce sites over the last four years. To date, web sites have been built in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Kentico helps clients create successful websites, online stores, community sites and intranets using Kentico integrated marketing solution. With offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Czech

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