Services our AWS-certified team members are proficient in.

AWS Service Description # of Projects
Auto Scaling/Load balancers Automatically scale up or down as demand changes 16
AWS VPN Virtual private networks for secure client access 9
Backup Snapshots and centralized storage 20
Certificate Manager Provision, manage & deploy SSL/TLS certificates 9
Cloudfront Minimizes latency globally 10
CloudTrail AWS account logs 16
CloudWatch AWS monitoring and alerting 19
CloudFormation Create and manage resources with template 1
CodeBuild Build & test code 1
CodeCommit Private Git Repository 1
CodePipeline Continuous delivery 1
CodeStar Develop & deploy apps 1
Cognito Create user accounts for sign in 3
Directory Service Domain directory service 3
DocumentDB Managed document database using MongoDB 1
DynamoDB Managed NoSQL database 1
EC2 Spin up virtual servers 23
ECS Container services 1
EKS Kubernetes 1
Elastic Beanstalk Run & manage web applications 2
EFS AWS Cost Explorer 25
EFS AWS Budget 20
EFS File System 1
EFS Reserved instance reporting 6
Elastic Search Service Wordpress and logs searching 2
ELB Elastic Load Balancing 18
Gateway API endpoints using Lambda 1
Glacier Low-cost archive storage 3
Glue Move data between database and archive 1
IOT Internet of Things 1
Kinesis Used for WAF logs management 2
Lambda Serverless function calls 1
Mechanical Turk Human intelligence tasks 1
IAM User access & encryption key management 20
Lightsail Quickly deploy applications and web sites 5
Management Console Web-based user interface to manage AWS stack 20
RDS Managed database services 15
Redis Real-time database using Amazon ElasticCache 4
Redshift Database 1
Route 53 Manage DNS 13
S3 Cloud storage 20
SES Send email service 10
SNS Notification service 5
SQS Queuing Service 1
VPC Private networks 18
WAF and Shield Application firewall and security 7
WorkSpace Virtual desktops 3
Font Resize