Los Angeles based staff

Most IT firms follow one of two models; they offer cheaper prices by having only local project managers and all their technical people offshore, or they have everyone locally and are more expensive.  There are also a multitude of digital agencies who have strong design talent but minimal in-house technical expertise.  At Vimware we place ourselves squarely in the middle; we have technical experts based in Los Angeles and Orange County who can meet and work with your staff.  We find that for complex projects, nothing beats face to face conversations. 

Frequently many clients have incomplete specifications, documentation or system knowledge. This is an area we excel in; we have the project experience and technical background to fill informational gaps. By having staff located offshore in Asia and Europe, we are able to stay competitive, enabling us to pass savings on to our clients and scale faster when necessary. 

Local Staff Expertise

Project and Product Management
Software Architecture
Software Development
UI/UX Design
Quality Assurance & Training
Business Intelligence

Offshore Expertise

Software Development
HTML and Responsive Design
Quality Assurance